Why China is attractive

China is slowly growing to be a superpower.  This is not news,we hear this day after another. Everyday other day China has invented this and China has discovered the other new technology.

Why China is attractive; Chinese lantern
Why China is attractive

There are new inventions each day.  We can’t leave China in the topic as it has been in the front line. Then the question comes in, what makes China great?

Here are some of the few things that make China attractive.

Low cost of living in China

Compared to other countries in Asia, the United Kingdom, and the USA, the cost of food, housing, transport in China is way cheaper. The low cost of production and distribution for goods and services in China makes this possible. The taxes on on food items is low making it affordable to all.

The Education system.

Ministry of education regulates this system of education. The Goverment funds the first 9 years called the compulsory years.

As many countries in the world target mostly the blue color jobs in their education system the focus in China education is more of technical training for white color jobs which prepare Chinese to be more of entrepreneurs than job seekers. This system of education has made China emerge top among the countries with many international students in the world.

Cultural diversity

Chinese people are accommodative and love interacting with other people. People are flying every now and then to China to help teach English as a second language. This ensures that Chinese are able to interact with each and everyone globally as English is one of the universal languages across different continents. China offer a variety of Chinese quisines.

Chinese spring rolls
Chinese spring rolls

China is religious country . There are different religions in China, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Islamic, and others. This makes people feel at ease as they worship when in China.


China is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Each day we are receiving news that China has launched this or the other. It has become a cashless economy as the country’s financial system are being done online through Alipay, Union pay, Tencent finance, Baofu among others. The country has also continued to advance in Space explorations,  robotic restaurants, high-speed trains, new phones. This makes China great.

China Space exploration
China Space exploration

Natural resources and other tourist attractions

Nature has provided China with beautiful flora and fauna. There are cute animals like the giant pandas which are a major attraction to China. Huang mountains and water bodies make China attractive for you to want to visit every moment you think of a tourist or an adventure destination in Asia.

The great wall of China is one of the great wonders of the world and we can’t forget, it is one of the great tourist attraction we have in China.


Other major things that make China great includes the Autumn festival and the dragon festival which are greatly celebrated in China.

When you think of a great adventure or a tourist destination in the Asian continent, China can’t escape your thought. The few we have shared here make China great, decide, purpose, travel to China and explore the beauty this country holds.

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