Being an Optimistic Job seeker is being a good planner.

Being an Optimistic Job seeker is being a good planner.

In this beautiful life we are living there are jobs out there for each one of us. God designed the world in such a way that there is a position specifically designed for you, no one else can perfectly fit in your position or even perform better in that particular position than you.

It is in this perception that we can beat the myths and fallacies in your job searching;

  • You must know someone in the company for you to work there.
  • The Job market is flooded in your field.
  • Nowadays getting a job is hard.
  • Nowadays you need more certificates to get that job.

My good brother and sister, these are just but obstacles we as human beings create in our minds. We limit ourselves to seeing beyond myths and instead of strategizing on our job search.

What do we do?

  • We get discouraged.
  • Some of us become desperate.
  • Some of us become exploited by scammers.
  • Some of us sit and relax in our comfort zones waiting to know someone who can link us to a Job.
  • Some of us end up in depressions and committing suicide.

Just to mention but a few how toxic these myths can be in our lives.

These prolong our destinies, and like one philosopher said “don’t wait for Friday to buy the bugger, plan on Monday, Tuesday and if possible Wednesday and surely you will feast on your bugger on Friday”.

What are we trying to say here?

We are simply saying, let’s beat the myths by planning for the jobs we want and desire. By doing so we will do justice to our souls. We can do proper planning by ensuring we have:

  1. The right skills in our finger tips
  2. We communicate with confidence.
  3. Our CV are designed to be the very best marketing tools. Learn more here what we can offer on this.
  4. Our online resume; LinkedIn is well crafted to attract recruiters attention and optimized to be able to appear at the fore front pages for specific keywords we want to be hired for.
  5. Finally, we must learn to set targets and timelines for our job search strategy.

With these and trusting in the giver and protector of our lives we will be beyond myths.

Let us avoid approaching job searching blindly, we must wake up and plan. Imagine waking up each day to your work place, a job you don’t like just because your friend referred you to the job when you were off guard. That is not life fulfillment neither life success.

We succeed when we do what we love doing each and every second we live. We become productive when we do what we whole heartedly love doing.

Let’s all plan for a fulfilling career path by approaching job search with optimism each day we rise to serve.

If you need some assistance in getting your CV done or your LinkedIn profile optimized please do not hesitate to reach out to us here we will give the very best that you need.

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