Being an Optimistic Job seeker is being a good planner.

You can do everything, there is no limit to possibilities

Being an Optimistic Job seeker is being a good planner.

In this beautiful life we are living there are jobs out there for each one of us. God designed the world in such a way that there is a position specifically designed for you, no one else can perfectly fit in your position or even perform better in that particular position than you.

It is in this perception that we can beat the myths and fallacies in your job searching;

  • You must know someone in the company for you to work there.
  • The Job market is flooded in your field.
  • Nowadays getting a job is hard.
  • Nowadays you need more certificates to get that job.

My good brother and sister, these are just but obstacles we as human beings create in our minds. We limit ourselves to seeing beyond myths and instead of strategizing on our job search.

What do we do?

  • We get discouraged.
  • Some of us become desperate.
  • Some of us become exploited by scammers.
  • Some of us sit and relax in our comfort zones waiting to know someone who can link us to a Job.
  • Some of us end up in depressions and committing suicide.

Just to mention but a few how toxic these myths can be in our lives.

These prolong our destinies, and like one philosopher said “don’t wait for Friday to buy the bugger, plan on Monday, Tuesday and if possible Wednesday and surely you will feast on your bugger on Friday”.

What are we trying to say here?

We are simply saying, let’s beat the myths by planning for the jobs we want and desire. By doing so we will do justice to our souls. We can do proper planning by ensuring we have:

  1. The right skills in our finger tips
  2. We communicate with confidence.
  3. Our CV are designed to be the very best marketing tools. Learn more here what we can offer on this.
  4. Our online resume; LinkedIn is well crafted to attract recruiters attention and optimized to be able to appear at the fore front pages for specific keywords we want to be hired for.
  5. Finally, we must learn to set targets and timelines for our job search strategy.

With these and trusting in the giver and protector of our lives we will be beyond myths.

Let us avoid approaching job searching blindly, we must wake up and plan. Imagine waking up each day to your work place, a job you don’t like just because your friend referred you to the job when you were off guard. That is not life fulfillment neither life success.

We succeed when we do what we love doing each and every second we live. We become productive when we do what we whole heartedly love doing.

Let’s all plan for a fulfilling career path by approaching job search with optimism each day we rise to serve.

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Job design and the great significance it has to an organization

Job Satisfaction through proper job design
Job satisfaction

Job design is a core part of human capital management. It is the manual for what an employee is supposed to work in an organization. In summary, job design is the act of defining the responsibilities of the job, skills requirement, the relationship of that particular job with others in an organization with an aim of ensuring that the job holder satisfies the organizational, personal, social, and technological requirements for the position.

Why do we need to design jobs in the right way or what is the aim of job design?

  1.   The first goal of job design is job satisfaction when the job holder is not satisfied with what he or she does every day there is always a problem of high employee turnover. Proper job design is aimed at achieving job satisfaction to the maximum and hence reduce turnover.
  2.   Improve on quality, when job design is done in an excellent way the job holder will work toward minimizing the number of errors and mistakes. The end result of this is high-quality output for organization products and services.
  3.   Reduces employees problems within an organization. Among the problems, it helps to curb is employee absenteeism and conflicts between employees. Proper job design brings contention in whatever an employee does on a daily basis. When an employee is contented he or she will always be available to work and will never feel inferior when he or she compare their jobs with others.

According to Oldham and Hick Man, (1976) Jobs should be designed to meet five core characteristics.

Job characteristics
Job characteristics

The five characteristics of well-designed jobs are

Job autonomy

Job autonomy is the ability of an employee to be able to make an organization decision on their own. According to research jobs where employees are left to decide what to do and do it in the most appropriate way are more satisfying than jobs where people are every now and then being reminded on what to do.

Job identity

Job identity is the association of a particular task with the completion of the task by a specific employee. More satisfying jobs are the jobs which can be associated with an employee from the start to the end of the task. Example, an auditor who start from vouching and sampling of accounting documents to the presentation of the financial statements is more likely to be satisfied compared to the one who did sampling and vouching then left the presentation of financial statements to a different person within the audit team.

Job feedback

Job feedback entails the ability of an employee to be able to get a response from the organization on what they have been able to achieve within a specific period of time. The employees who receive frequent feedback on their customer satisfaction skills, the percentage of improvement in sales or just an appreciation for always going beyond their job description, these employees are likely to be more satisfied in their jobs than the employees who do not get feedback on what they achieved.

Job significance

The importance of the particular task an employee undertake and its valuable contribution to an organization is to determine employees satisfaction. Employees who feel their inputs in the organization are greatly contributing to the Return on Investment (ROI) are more satisfied compared to others who can’t be able to relate their contribution to ROI. According to research employees who feel their roles contribute to increasing organization values are more like to stay in an organization even if they are lowly paid

Job Skills variety

This means the number of skills that are applicable in completing a particular task. Employees who feel that quite a number of their skills are contributing to the organization overall goals in their job are likely to be more satisfied than employees who use one or two of their skills to get the job done.

A better understanding of the job design by human resources practitioner can be of great importance in driving organization excellence and achievement of the organization overall goal. Through the application of the core characteristics of the job, organizations can help reduce employees turnover, grievances and boredom in the workplace.

It is, therefore, our responsibilities as practitioners in human resources to apply the best practices of job design and create more satisfying tasks for clients and the organization we work for.


Why China is attractive

China is slowly growing to be a superpower.  This is not news,we hear this day after another. Everyday other day China has invented this and China has discovered the other new technology.

Why China is attractive; Chinese lantern
Why China is attractive

There are new inventions each day.  We can’t leave China in the topic as it has been in the front line. Then the question comes in, what makes China great?

Here are some of the few things that make China attractive.

Low cost of living in China

Compared to other countries in Asia, the United Kingdom, and the USA, the cost of food, housing, transport in China is way cheaper. The low cost of production and distribution for goods and services in China makes this possible. The taxes on on food items is low making it affordable to all.

The Education system.

Ministry of education regulates this system of education. The Goverment funds the first 9 years called the compulsory years.

As many countries in the world target mostly the blue color jobs in their education system the focus in China education is more of technical training for white color jobs which prepare Chinese to be more of entrepreneurs than job seekers. This system of education has made China emerge top among the countries with many international students in the world.

Cultural diversity

Chinese people are accommodative and love interacting with other people. People are flying every now and then to China to help teach English as a second language. This ensures that Chinese are able to interact with each and everyone globally as English is one of the universal languages across different continents. China offer a variety of Chinese quisines.

Chinese spring rolls
Chinese spring rolls

China is religious country . There are different religions in China, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Islamic, and others. This makes people feel at ease as they worship when in China.


China is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Each day we are receiving news that China has launched this or the other. It has become a cashless economy as the country’s financial system are being done online through Alipay, Union pay, Tencent finance, Baofu among others. The country has also continued to advance in Space explorations,  robotic restaurants, high-speed trains, new phones. This makes China great.

China Space exploration
China Space exploration

Natural resources and other tourist attractions

Nature has provided China with beautiful flora and fauna. There are cute animals like the giant pandas which are a major attraction to China. Huang mountains and water bodies make China attractive for you to want to visit every moment you think of a tourist or an adventure destination in Asia.

The great wall of China is one of the great wonders of the world and we can’t forget, it is one of the great tourist attraction we have in China.


Other major things that make China great includes the Autumn festival and the dragon festival which are greatly celebrated in China.

When you think of a great adventure or a tourist destination in the Asian continent, China can’t escape your thought. The few we have shared here make China great, decide, purpose, travel to China and explore the beauty this country holds.